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Alpha Dog Toys Home - About Alpha Dog Toys

About Us

We are a family operated pet supply company that realizes that happy pets make for happy people. We recognize how dogs enhance our lives through their eagerness, dedication and assistance. Animals have been an inspiration to our lives and a calming measure (especially when people sometimes don’t make sense). We endeavor to share with others the wonderful role a dog can play in a person’s life by assisting them in their interaction with their dog. That’s really what dog toys are about…a way for you and your dog to interact. Trust us, you both will benefit from it, and dogs need it for good physical and mental health!

We, just like you, are animal lovers. We also like to buy stuff for our dogs (“The Pound Pack”). We have found a lot of cool stuff at trade shows, and through compulsive and lengthy long night internet searches, that we couldn’t find at our local “big box” stores. We would love to share these with you. This is our life’s profession.

We sincerely hope you enjoy all your experiences with us and look forward to earning your business and being a valuable contact.

Thank You!

Meet the Alpha Dog Staff Members

Alpha Dog Toys CEO Junie, CEO
She was rescued in June (hence her name) 2003, along with her brother Willy (below). We enjoy asking people what breed of dog they think she is because the answers vary so much and no one can agree. Although Junie is over 70 pounds, she is very fast (and surprisingly strong)…kind of leopard shaped. She prefers being chased by male dogs to playing with toys, and is a compressed rawhide chewer. Junie became CEO of the company because she was the original inspiration for “Alpha Dog” by forcing us to reevaluate what that means. Beyond the traditional definition, we believe EVERY dog can be an Alpha Dog. We have come to define an Alpha Dog as one that is healthy, happy, and confident.
Alpha Dog Toys Purchasing Agent Willy, Associate Purchasing Agent
His name came from the perfect “W” formed at the base of his tail in black fir. He was paroled into our custody along with his sister, Junie. Willy (same litter) is only about 45 pounds, is not athletic at all, and is kinda’ pig shaped…mutts, go figur’! He loves toys that make sounds, and spends his time running around squeaking and grunting. Willy is our main product tester and purchasing agent. He can really pick out the good toys!
Alpha Dog Toys Customer Care Manager Edison, Customer Service Manager
Ed is very sweet, very loyal, and very obedient. He will eviscerate anything with poly-fill stuffing and break down any solid object to its smallest possible size. He doesn’t really play with toys…he eats them. We have to supervise him closely with all toys! He also likes to sit on people – I don’t think he knows he’s 80 pounds. We quickly learned that Ed is especially caring and attentive when he started letting us know when any one of the others is doing something they aren’t suppose to be doing…we're serious, he actually does this! Ed is the inspiration behind our customer care because when something is less than satisfactory he lets us know it must be corrected.
Alpha Dog Toys Fashion Model Chad, Fashion Model Extraordinaire
We have no explanation why his name is Chad…it just is. He was a very skinny stray roaming a busy boulevard with two breaks in his tail, covered in fleas and rash, some scraped-off fur, no collar and un-neutered. After a lot of vet bills, he adopted us. He was welcomed into the pack by the others and is a very happy, spastic, lap dog. Chad loves to play and is not much into working, but since he is very photogenic he has filled the position of “small dog model”. He seems to really enjoy the position, but he’s kinda gettin’ a big head. Thankfully he hasn’t found an agent…yet.
Alpha Dog Toys Cat Ralph
We adopted him when he commandeered the backyard doghouse (the Pound Pack was not happy). De-clawed, very skinny and without a collar, he wouldn’t have lasted long in the semi-rural area he was roaming. We have fattened him up and provided him with more toys than he can use. He really isn’t much help with the company…he just loiters, but that’s o.k. he’s a cat.

Finally, we’d like to thank you for visiting and welcome you to our store. We hope to become a valuable resource for your pet needs and are always available for questions or comments.

Ps If there is anything about our store that you think can be improved we welcome the critique…we won’t bite (…maybe just growl a bit)!?

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