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Alpha Dog Toys - Dog Collars, Leashes, Harnesses - Natural Cotton Dog Collar, Leash, Harness - Designer Cotton Dog Harness Hand-Crafted in the USA

Designer Cotton Dog Harness Hand-Crafted in the USA
Designer Cotton Dog Harnesses Hand-made in the USA Cotton dog harnesses are finally here! We are sorry you had to wait, but it is for your best interest that we had to put all our DZN cotton harnesses to test for a solid period of three months. You can find out why we choose to test our product for such a long period of time by reading our history of hand crafted cotton dog collars, leashes and harnesses.

If you are looking for something as unique and individual as your best furry friend, DZN Limited is just right for you. All DZN Limited designer dog harnesses are custom hand-crafted in the USA with great care using only the finest quality materials. Like any specialized boutique, DZN Limited collars, leads and harnesses are made in very limited quantities with carefully chosen fabrics and hardware. However, unlike most dog boutique stores, our size options don't end at medium. We cover the entire spectrum from miniature toy breeds to plus size pooches. If you think cotton fabric breathes well and is soft and comfortable on you, so is it on your dog. All our cotton harnesses are made with 100% cotton fabrics heat-bonded over a soft light-weight yet thick and super-strong central foundation. Hardware includes durable side release buckle, wide mouth nylon slip lock adjuster (also known as tri-glide buckle) and heavyweight welded nickel-plated D ring. Stylish yet comfortable, beautiful yet functional...truly one of a kind collar for one of a kind dog! Only available in our store! Matching leashes available!

Cotton Dog Harnesses are available in four sizes: Small, Medium, Large and X-Large. Please refer to the chart below to determine the right size for your dog:

Harness SizeFits GirthStrap WidthPrice

Please allow 2-3 business days to make to your order.

Available prints/patterns:

cotton dog harness aurora blue
Aurora Blue
Choose Size
cotton dog harness bonafide love
Bona-fide Love
Choose Size
cotton dog harness frosty sage
Frosty Sage
Choose Size
cotton dog harness carnival of paws
Carnival of Paws
Choose Size
cotton dog harness iris
Choose Size
cotton dog harness skulls & crossbones
Skulls 'n Crossbones
Choose Size
cotton dog harness ladybugs blue
Ladybugs Blue
Choose Size
cotton dog harness Halloween pumpkins
Halloween Pumpkins
Choose Size
cotton dog harness bursting hearts
Bursting Hearts
Choose Size
cotton dog harness green camouflage
Green Camo
Choose Size
cotton dog harness Americana patriotic
Choose Size
cotton dog harnesses blue camo
Blue Camo
Choose Size
dog cotton harness pink camo
Pink Camo
Choose Size
cotton dog harness candy cane Christmas holiday
Candy Cane
Choose Size
dog cotton harness Arf-Woof-Bark
Arf! Woof! Bark!
Choose Size
dog cotton harness cinnapaws
Choose Size
dog cotton harness cherries
Sweet Cherries
Choose Size
cotton dog harnesses pawfection
Choose Size
cotton dog harness waving US flag patriotic
Waving US Flag
Choose Size
dog cotton harness watermelon
Juicy Watermelon
Choose Size
dog cotton harness island gathering
Island Gathering
Choose Size
cotton dog harness bones blue
Bones Blue
Choose Size
dog cotton harness sweetheart, Valentines day dog harnesses
Choose Size
cotton dog harnesses mistletoe Christmas holiday
Choose Size
cotton dog harness patriotic stars
Choose Size
dog cotton harness retro black
Retro Black
Choose Size
dog cotton harness retro purple
Retro Purple
Choose Size
dog cotton harness nautical pup
Nautical Pup
Choose Size
dog cotton harness tartan plaid, Christmas holiday dog harnesses
Holiday Plaid
Choose Size
cotton dog harnesses blue flowers
Blue Flowers
Choose Size

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