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Alpha Dog Toys Home - Dog Toys - Talking Dog Toys / Plush Dog Toys - Funny Fleece Chatter Box Talking Dog Toy with Removable Voice Box - WEEE

Funny Fleece Chatter Box Talking Dog Toys with Removable Voice Box - WEEE
Funny Fleece Chatter Box Talking Dog Toys with Removable Voice Box - WEEE, fleece dog toy Give his chest a gentle and squeeze and hear the funny guy talk! The funny guy says what's embroidered across his chest. Each toy contains a removable voice box for safety! You can remove the voice box when not playing interactively with your pet. No more fear of a dog biting or swallowing the plastic voice box noisemaker. Toys are made of natural berber fleece (faux lambswool) with embroidered funny facial expressions that match the voices. There are no plastic eyes or noses to ensure pet safety. Funny Fleece Chatter Box Talking Dog Toys measure 8"H x 8"W x 3.5"D, ideal size for most dogs.

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