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Alpha Dog Toys Home - Dog Toys - Plush Dog Toys / Large Dog Toys - Migrator Plush Dog Toys - Look & Sound REAL

Plush Squawk Flock Migrator Dog Toys - Look & Sound REAL
Large Migrator Plush Dog Toys - Look & Sound REAL, plush dog toy, large dog toy They Look & Sound So Real that They Could Fly Away!

Squawk Flock Migrator Toys are life-like plush birds with realistic squawking sounds that will appeal to any dog. Plush Migrator Dog Toys look and sound so real that they could spread their wings and fly away. But instead they've migrated to make their resting spot close to where they can keep your dog nestled under their beautiful wings. Colorful, plush, strong and great sounds.

Plush Migrator Dog Toys come in five types of birds: Goose 12", Mallard 12", Pelican 10.5", Pheasant 16.5", and Quail 10".

Migrator Plush Dog Toys PelicanMigrator Plush Dog Toys Goose
Migrator Plush Dog Toys PheasantMigrator Plush Dog Toys Quail

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