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Alpha Dog Toys Home - Dog Articles - Traveling with Dogs

Traveling with Dogs

by Kelvin Ho

You love to travel and you love your dogs. So what do you do?

Leaving Your Dog At Home
You can ideally leave the dog at home in his familiar surroundings and have a trusted friend or relative check on him daily, or you could arrange to put him in a kennel or hire a dog sitter. The last two alternatives can be costly, and if you just canít stand to be away from your dog, then there is only one solution: take your beloved pet with you. Today traveling with dogs has become more widely accepted and easier. By taking some simple measures and safety precautions you both should have an enjoyable adventure.

Traveling By Car
When traveling with dogs by car, always keep in mind your dog is like a small child. The safest place for your pet is in the back seat. Traveling with dogs in the front seat is not safe for you or the dog. If you make a sudden stop, the dog will crash into the windshield. If you make a sudden turn the dog could fall into your lap causing you to loose car control. Also, traveling with dogs in the front seat could prove to be a view obstruction. It is also important to either belt the dog in with a special harness or get a doggie car seat. If you have a station wagon or an SUV, it is recommended to put the dog in the very rear in a dog crate. Never let your dog stick his head out the window, as a passing car or flying debris could hit him. All these suggestions will provide safety when traveling with dogs.

Traveling with dogs by car should also be introduced slowly. To get them use to traveling in a car, go on short trips at first and gradually increase the lengths. It is also a good idea to start this at an early age, so the dog will have grown up as a traveler. Always lock your doors when traveling with dogs, so you can prevent someone from taking your adorable companion, and never leave the dog in the car in warm or hot weather even with the windows cracked. The temperature in a car on a hot day can escalate rapidly. Take food, water, and first aid kits with you when traveling with dogs.

Traveling By Truck
Dogs should never travel in truck beds without caps. This is very dangerous. Instead the dog should be put in a crate secured with cords. In hot weather the truckís metal bed could also get too hot for your dog to stand on.

Traveling By Air
When traveling with dogs by air, make reservations early for them, as an airline will limit the number of pets allowed in the cabin or cargo. Make it as easy as possible on the dog by selecting nonstop flights. Layovers and plane switches give ample opportunity to lose your pet. Crate your dog and make the crate is the appropriate size. Travel early in the day or late at night, when temperatures will be comfortable.

Other Important Considerations
It takes some common sense when traveling with dogs. Make sure their shots are current and bring proof of vaccinations. Keep them on a leash as they may bolt in unfamiliar places and check with hotels to see if pets are welcome. Any questions you may have regarding traveling with dogs can be answered by your very own veterinarian.

Have a safe trip!

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